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Rent Self Storage Units in Baton Rouge, LA

We offer a wide variety of storage unit types and sizes to meet any requirements you might need. We take pride in making sure our storage units are clean, secure & most of all, affordable. Feel free to call us anytime for your unit or simply rent your storage unit below!

5x5 (5 x 5)

Maximize your space with our 5x5 feet self-storage unit! Perfectly sized to accommodate the contents of a large closet, you can effortlessly store seasonal gear, boxes, and smaller furniture items. Keep your belongings secure and declutter your life with our conveniently sized solution.

$29 $1 / month
$1 first month rent

5x8 (5 x 8)

Expand your storage possibilities with our 5x8 feet self-storage unit! Ideal for holding the contents of a small apartment, this unit easily fits several pieces of furniture, numerous boxes, and various household items.

$39 $1 / month
$1 first month rent

5x10 (5 x 10)

Unlock vast storage potential with our 5x10 feet self-storage unit! With enough space to accommodate the furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment, including mattresses, appliances, and multiple boxes, it's your solution to a clutter-free environment.

$46 $1 / month
$1 first month rent

10x10 (10 x 10)

Discover unparalleled storage capacity with our 10x10 feet self-storage unit! Effortlessly accommodating the contents of a standard two-bedroom home, from large furniture sets to appliances and dozens of boxes.

$59 $1 / month
$1 first month rent

10x15 (10 x 15)

Perfectly tailored to house the contents of a three-bedroom home, this unit offers ample space for your furniture, household appliances, and myriad boxes. Elevate your storage game and let our expansive unit be the guardian of your cherished belongings.

$79 $1 / month
$1 first month rent

10x30 (10 x 30)

Embrace the pinnacle of storage solutions with our impressive 10x30 feet self-storage unit! This huge space is poised to stow away the contents of a five-bedroom house, from extensive furniture collections to vehicles and everything in-between. Reclaim your living space and let our monumental unit safeguard your valuables with ease.

$114 $1 / month
$1 first month rent

15x20 (15 x 20)

Capable of accommodating the expansive belongings of a four to five-bedroom home, including vehicles, large appliances, and extensive furniture sets, it's the ultimate storage companion.

$149 $74.50 / month
50% off 1st month

15x30 (15 x 30 x 30)

These are our premium units. Extra-large 10x14 doors. 14 feet ceiling. Ideal for RVs, Contractors and Vehicle storage.
Parking pad right in front of the unit is included!

$249 $124.50 / month
50 % Off 1st month rent

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